atEAST was established in April 1997 and is a consortium of leading schools in the Eastern Region of Melbourne offering VET and School based Apprenticeships and Traineeships (SBATs), who work together to increase the range of options for their senior students.

There are now eight government secondary schools – Croydon Community School, Doncaster Secondary College, East Doncaster Secondary College, Heathmont College, Monbulk College, Rowville Secondary College,  Upwey High School, and Yarra Hills Secondary College.

These schools have a like minded desire amongst the leadership and staff of the schools to meet the diverse needs of each school’s student cohort. We believe that all students can succeed and that success will come in a variety of ways. The schools believe that to meet diverse student needs requires a broad range of curriculum options for students and the ability to access multiple pathways, something best achieved in co-operation with like-minded organisations.

The consortium is proud of its joint achievements that have been made in the delivery of School based Apprenticeships and Traineeships (SBATs) and the consortium is the single biggest provider of SBATs in Victoria.



The consortium schools are united in their desire to:

  • Recognise and respond to diverse student needs
  • Be a leader in the delivery of individual pathways for students
  • Collaborate in the development and delivery of student programs
  • Provide professional development and support for teachers
  • Build the skills of the education workforce and enhance the teaching-learning relationship
  • Promote and support continuous improvement in the consortium schools.



Croydon Community SchoolCroydon Community School


Croydon Community School is a small government school of 120 students located in Croydon. The school provides an alternative secondary education to students in Years 7-12 who for various reasons have experienced difficulty in their previous schools.  Our maximum class size is 15 students with one teacher and an educational support person in every class.   The school is conveniently close to public transport and attracts young people from a wide area, including Ringwood, Box Hill, Wantirna, Scoresby, Wandin, Healesville, Heathmont, Knox and Ferntree Gully.  25% of our students receive additional funding under the Program for Schools with Disabilities and a strong and successful remedial literacy and numeracy program assists students to develop essential skills that have not previously been mastered.

At Croydon Community School our fundamental purpose is to assist every student reach his or her academic and personal potential.  Our programs are based on the Big Picture Educational model, where students work from their individual passions and can spend two days each week working in internships, traineeships or apprenticeships to deepen their knowledge and skills.  Every student has an Individual Learning Plan and is involved in learning through real life applications, including enterprise and community activities.   At the end of every term our students are required to demonstrate their new deep learning to their families and teachers in an Exhibition.

Doncaster Secondary College


At Doncaster Secondary College we are working together to enable all students to achieve their potential and become confident, effective learners who contribute productively to society.

The College caters for a diverse student population, with students coming from a wide geographical area.  The College has a student population of around 1300 students, including approximately 70 full fee-paying international students enrolling each year.  The College regularly performs above state and ‘like schools’ in its academic outcomes.

Whilst the College has a strong academic focus, there is a real and growing emphasis on meeting the learning needs of all students.  Not only is there a comprehensive academic VCE curriculum, but students have access to a range of VET units, as well as to VCAL though our atEAST link.

East Doncaster Secondary College


East Doncaster Secondary College was established in 1974 and is situated in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. It has grown to include some 1500 students and more than 160 teachers and support staff.

We have a respectful, cohesive and richly multi-cultural learning environment that enables our students to flourish and allows them to become thinking, articulate and enriched young adults. We have high expectations that our students will commit to being supportive of each other as they strive for success as learners. We want all students to experience a sense of achievement and growth in their academic, personal, social and emotional development.

At Senior School we aim to create the widest possible post-secondary options for each student. This is achieved through providing a wide subject choice within the VCE including access to Vocational Education and Training (VET) studies. As well we offer School based Apprenticeships and Traineeships where students are at work, in training at TAFE and at school where they complete a VCAL qualification. These programs are complemented by on-going course and career counselling, maintaining high expectations and continuing to enhance our students’ connectedness to East Doncaster.

At our College we continue to embrace the ever-changing challenges we encounter in our quest to be a truly excellent, global, educational community.

Heathmont CollegeHeathmont College


Heathmont College, is a co-educational Year 7 – 12 school of approximately 700 students. Tucked away at the corner of Waters Grove and Marlborough Road in a safe and secluded part of Heathmont, it is the ideal setting for a college that means to deliver excellence in all facets of the education it provides to the students entrusted to it. Taking time to build relationships is absolutely fundamental to the college’s philosophy and approach to education.

In developing Senior School pathways, students in Years 10, 11 and 12 have widespread access to VCE, VET and VCAL studies. Quality VET programs are offered in partnership with both Box Hill Institute and Swinburne University of Technology. The VCAL program is based on the School based Apprenticeship and Traineeship model comprising two days school, one day training and two days workplace learning.

Monbulk CollegeMonbulk College


Monbulk College is a co-educational Year 7 – 12 school with approximately 530 students. The College’s motto is “Achieving Personal Excellence in a Caring Environment” and in developing programs the College has endeavoured to offer options which meet the needs of a wide range of students.

Monbulk College offers the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) and has VET studies in Horticulture and Multimedia. The Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) is offered at Foundation, Intermediate and Senior levels and includes the options of a personalised program or a School Based Apprenticeship or Traineeship.

Rowville Secondary CollegeRowville Secondary College


Rowville Secondary College is a multi-campus college consisting of a Year 7-12 campus near the corner of Stud and Wellington Roads. Located several kilometres to the east is a predominately Year 7 -10 campus including a “boutique” Year 11 & 12 program catering for students in Rowville Institute of the Arts (RIA) and Rowville Sports Academy (RSA).  The Rowville Mathematics and Science Academy (MSA) commenced in 2012.  The total enrolment is about 1840 with over 500 students in Years 11 & 12.

At senior school level, students have the choice of the following programs:

  • Straight VCE that may also include University Enhancement studies and/or VETIS subjects, over forty VCE programs are currently being studied by our students with excellent representation in all key learning areas.
  • Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL)
  • School Based Apprenticeships and Traineeships where students are at work, in training at TAFE and at school where they complete a VCAL qualification.

At Rowville, we pride ourselves in providing “Opportunities For All” our students.

Upwey High SchoolUpwey High School


Upwey High School is a government co-educational Year 7-12 school located in the Dandenong Ranges, 40 kilometres east of the city of Melbourne in Victoria, Australia.  It has a magnificent mountain setting amongst the slopes and mountain ash on the edge of the Sherbrooke Forest.  The school has a student population of approximately 970 and offers a diverse range of subjects to meet the needs of our school community.  Upwey High School is a Registered Training Organisation for a number of VET course and offers a broad flexible curriculum for all students.  We aim to develop students who will be resilient and resposnsible, highly motivated, lifelong learners.  Through the establishment of positive relationships and high expectations, students will be encouraged to reach their full potential.

Yarra Hills Secondary College


Yarra Hills Secondary College is a multi campus school with approximately 1,000 students enrolled across its three campuses. There are two Year 7 – 10 campuses at Mooroolbark and Mt. Evelyn and a Senior Campus at Reay Road in Mooroolbark within easy walking distance of the local railway station.

The school provides many opportunities for students to experience success. The multi-campus structure allows for great breadth in subjects and co-curricular activities such as camps, tours, outdoor education and music.

Students attending Yarra Hills Senior Campus enter into an outstandingly resourced young adult environment. They are well supported by both staff and resources to optimise their VCE outcomes. The College has a strong history of success in delivering the VCE, both in mainstream subject areas and alternative pathways, including extensive vocational resources with VCE Technology and VET subjects, the Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) and School Based Apprenticeships and Traineeships.

Associated Members


Aquinas College


Aquinas College is a Catholic regional school located in Ringwood, in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs. It is a coeducational school with a population of approximately 1670 students. Aquinas is a comprehensive Secondary School that provides VCE, VCAL and VET studies as part of a wide reaching curriculum that offers opportunities for all its students. Co-curricular activities include Sport, Performing Arts and study tours and all students are encouraged to participate in these. Aquinas is a Registered Training Organization and a member of the Mullum Cluster of VET providers.

Aquinas believes its students should be encouraged to be outward looking, highly skilled, independent, creative, compassionate and resilient people who value positive relationships.

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